Trying to make a book of and with the space. My studio. Emma Bolland 2014

Trying to make a book of and with the space. My studio. Emma Bolland 2014

I have set up a new blog: Truth is Structured Like A Fiction, to document and archive my practice based doctoral research at Sheffield Hallam University. The nascent enquiry has the working title of Truth is Structured Like a Fiction: Memoir and the Expanded Screenplay, and is supervised by Dr Sharon Kivland, Reader in fine Art, and Dr Peter Jones, Principal Lecturer in Communication Studies.

The blog is also in and of itself, part of my research methodology. Professor Pat Thomson of The University of Nottingham, in her post Blogging Helps Academic Writing, argues that blogging informs and supports academic writing in a variety of ways, and cites Michel de Certeau in stating that ‘…the academy is a scriptural economy – it exists for talking, reading and writing. Blogging can help academic writers to feel more able to take up a place in this scriptural economy and to feel more assured about their capacities to make a point succinctly, and perhaps also elegantly’.

Blogging is of particular use for my own research, in that I aim to develop my own writing practice as a meta-methodology: being clear about the difference between the functions and structures of creative/art writing and explicatory writing, but developing a relationship between the two. Therefore, the posts will often experiment with different voices whilst documenting and reflecting on research. They will be hasty, informal, multi-modal, amateur, and confused.*

*Jaques Rancière, in The Intervals of Cinema asserts amateurism’s value as ‘a theoretical and political position, one that sidelines the authority of specialists by re-examining the way the frontiers of their domains are drawn at the points where experience and knowledge intersect.