Emma Bolland with guest collaborator Angelina D’Roza: Wednesday 3 April, 11 am to 4 pm.

‘Of everything that’s said, one can ask: why? (Including: why should I say that? And: why should I say anything at all?) To this I would add the thesis that, strictly speaking, nothing that’s said is true. (Though one can be the truth, one can’t ever say it).’—Susan Sontag. As a strategy for considering ‘silence’ Angelina D’Roza and Emma Bolland will explore ways of reading Etel Adnan’s novel Sitt Marie Rose (1978). Reading and looking across translations, making strange through language strategies and the material interventions of tracing paper, scissors and glue. Join them in attempting to make space for silence in the fragments. Music will be played.

Angelina D’Roza is a poet who lives and works in Sheffield. Her first collection, Envies the Birds, was published by Longbarrow Press in 2016. Her pamphlet, Correspondences, will be published by Longbarrow Press in spring 2019. https://longbarrowpress.com/current-publications/angelina-droza/