Emma Bolland with guest collaborator Hester Reeve: Thursday 4 April 11.30 am to 5.30 pm

Hester Reeve

Its alive, its alive! will host the ‘beginning to write’ of Hester Reeve’s ideas for a screenplay. Following multiple readings of the novel, watching of film versions, and making artwork homages to Shelly and her monster, Hester will draw on Emma’s screen writing methodology ‘script development as performance’ to put ‘pen to paper’ for the first time. Together they will explore its material possibilities via drawings, live actions, writing experiments, and embodied interaction with ‘props-as-prompts’. Join them and interrupt them: tell them about the first time they read the novel or saw a Frankenstein film, write letters to the nascent script, or devise your own intervention.

Hester Reeve’s practice encompasses live art, philosophy, drawing, David Bohm’s ‘Dialogue’ and social sculpture. She is interested in the relations between critical thinking and human agency in everyday life, particularly when it is risked through the figure of ‘the artist’ (broadly conceived and not exclusive to art school training). Recent works have been staged at Tanzquartier, Vienna, Tate Britain (working under the umbrella of The Emily Davison Lodge with Olivia Plender) and the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. She is a Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University.