Emma Bolland with guest collaborator Rachel Genn: Monday 25 March, 12 noon to 3pm

Rachel Genn

‘A ‘lift-off’ occurs when an accumulation of creative awareness powers me into the zone and there is often reference to movement, dista nce and speed w hen d isc ussing g etting into this desir a ble sta te. Where is this zone? How do we know we are there? Are we in control of our entry and exit? Both neuroscience and literature have helped me to understand the importance of this state for creating new work. If we were to programme creativity into AI, would data from neuroscience or art best help the endeavour?’ Rachel Genn and Emma Bolland will play live Chinese whispers with excerpts from literature, art and neuroscience. These ‘live interpretations’ will attempt to examine ideas of reverie across disciplines. You are invited to join them / interrupt them and add practices and experiences that promote or describe being ‘in the zone’.

Rachel Genn is a lecturer at Manchester Writing School. Formerly a Neuroscientist, she has written two novels: THE CURE, 2011 and WHA T YOU COULD HA VE WON (&OtherStories, due 2019.) She was Leverhulme Artist-in-Residence (2015/16), University of Sheffield, creating a quasi-institution called THE NATIONAL FACILITY FOR THE REGULATION OF REGRET, spanning installation art, VR, film and non-fiction. She has written for Granta and 3AM and is currently working on a collection of non-fiction about fighting and regret. Twitter: @RachelGenn