Emma Bolland with The Roland Barthes Reading Group Wednesday 6 March, 2–4 pm

Wednesday 6 March, 2–4 pm, Jessop West: Emma Bolland with The Roland Barthes Reading Group. The Roland Barthes Reading group is convened by Sharon Kivland, current members including Emma Bolland, Daniela Cascella, Helen Clarke, Louise Finney, Susannah Gent, Debbie Michaels, Bernadette O’Toole, Hestia Peppe, and Rachel Smith. For the past three years the group has been working with Kate Briggs’s translation of Roland Barthes’s The Preparation of the Novel: Lecture Courses and Seminars at the Collège de France (1978-1979 and 1979-1980); a close reading producing conversations, performances, and a publication, The Desire for Haiku: reading Roland Barthes The Preparation of the Novel (MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2018). Please join and interrupt this special session, including performed readings. Copies of the day’s text will be available.