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Emma Bolland reflected
I am an artist, writer, and educator based in the UK.

My current practice interrogates screenplay structure, as a spatial and time-based document addressing text and image, proposing it as a conceptual and spatial territory for an auto-fictive practice.  My material processes are eclectic, including writing, film and video, performance, installation and drawing.

Recent activities include a commissioned text for the The Mekons Existentialism album / book project (USA, Verse Chorus Press 2016) a performance for Moving Performances Symposium, University of Oxford (2016), a solo exhibition at The Wild Pansy Project Space, University of Leeds (2016), Over in and Under, a creative translation of Freud’s Überdekkerinnerungen (with accompanying sound work / audio performance) for 3am Magazine (2015), the publication Lectolalia (Gordian Projects, 2015), and a commissioned text as part of Micromegas Vagabond Flux, (Artconnexion, University of Lille 3, The University of Dundee, and Fondation de France, 2015). I have books in collections at the V&A Museum (London), The Saison Poetry Library (London), Tate Britain Library and Archive (London), and the Centre de Livres d’Artistes (Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, France). I am an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, and undertaking a part-time practice-based Ph.D.

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