Publications / Papers / Texts

Recent and Forthcoming Publications
(updated December 2018)

‘This brilliant and well-timed anthology explores not just the horrors, but the pleasures of violence: violence as a means of reaction, regeneration, and self-affirmation.  The writers do not fetishise violence, but they approach it on its own terms.  Stripping off layers of received rhetoric, ON VIOLENCE is an extremely clear-eyed depiction of the universal American psychic climate.’ –Chris Kraus
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  • ‘White’, in Terracotta (ed. Emily Speed), (due 2019)
  • Over, in, and Under, Manchester: Dostoevsky Wannabe Experimental, (due 2019)
  • Sheffield, (ed.), Manchester: Dostoevsky Wannabe Cities, (due 2019)
  • Pitch (working title), with Jake Arnott, London: Ma Bibliothêque, (due 2019)
  • Raymond William’s Keywords: an OCCUPATION, (eds., with Helen Clarke), Ma Bibliothêque, (due 2019)
  • ‘Writing Silence, Lens-ing Speech’, in The Essay, eds Gail Low and Kirsty Young, Dundee: Voyage Out (University of Dundee), (due2020)
  • ‘Subjects of the Gaze: script development as performance’, co-authored with Louise Sawtell, in Script Development: Critical Approaches, Creative Practices, International Perspectives, eds Craig Batty and Stacy Taylor, Palgrave Macmillan, (due 2020)

Current / Recent:

  • Sh! Flight!, with Helen Clarke, Sheffield: Gordian Projects, 2018
  • ‘The Iris Opens / The Iris Closes: Le Silence #2 Scenes 1–13’, in the Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance, Volume 11, Issue 2, pp. 203–16, 2018
  • Adventures in Ekphrasis, in Corridor8, 2018
  • The Desire for Haiku: reading Roland Barthes The Preparation of the Novel, with Helen Clarke, Louise Finney, Sharon Kivland, Debbie Michaels, Bernadette O’Toole, and Rachel Smith, London: Ma Bibliothêque, 2018
  • Or in the Way we Write in a Dream. Do you see? In Corridor8, 2018,
  • ‘Manus’, in On Violence, ed. Rebecca Jagoe and Sharon Kivland, London: Ma Bibliothêque, 2018
  • Violet, in The Dreamers, ed. Sharon Kivland, London: Ma Bibliotêque, 2017
  • MilkyWayYouWillHearMeCall: Becoming, with Judit Bodor and Tom Rodgers, Sheffield: Gordian Projects, 2017
  • Writing imaginary footnotes for Maria Fusco’s Legend of the Necessary Dreamer, in Minor Literature[s], 2017
  • Over, In, and Under (paragraphs 9 and 10), in Existentialism (CD / book), ed. The Mekons, Portland, OR: Sin Publications with Verse Chorus Press, 2016
  • Flashback, and the Treatment of the Dream, in testing Testing (dialogue), ed. Michael Day and Jo Ray, Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University, 2016
  • Thoughts on Interiors, in Testing Testing (prologue), ed. Michael Day and Jo Ray, Sheffield: Sheffield Hallam University, 2016
  • Instructions From Light, in The Editions III, ed. Sharon Kivland, London: Ma Bibliotêque, 2016
  • Category Error / Category Terror, in The Blue Notebook: University of the West of England Journal for Artists’ Books, ed. Sarah Bodman, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2016
  • Over in and Under, after Über Dekkerinnerungen (with accompanying sound work), in 3am Magazine,,  2015
  • I am the Serpent Invaginate, in Cobra Res 1.9: Flash Fiction, ed. Theo Price, London: Cobra Press, 2015
  • Lectolalia (monograph), Sheffield: Gordian Projects, 2015
  • Dog Star: dreaming transmissions from a Cosmonaut Bitch, in Micromegas Vagabond Flux, ed. Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Jannsen, Dundee: The University of Dundee, 2015
  • Every Place a Palimpsest: Creative Practice, Emotional Archaeology, and the Post Traumatic Landscape, in the Association of American Geographers journal GeoHumanities: Space, Place, and the Humanities, ed. Tim Creswell and Deborah Dixon, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2015
  • What is a Book if it will not be a Book? (abstract), in Impact8: Borders and Crossings: The Artist as Explorer, ed. Paul Liam Harrison, Emile Shemilt, Arthur Watson.
 Dundee: University of Dundee: 2014.

Conferences and Symposia: Papers, and Performed Papers
(updated May 2018)


  • Invited speaker, Taking Ideas for a Walk: The Essay Conference 2018, University of Dundee, June 2018
  • ‘[Eye the] Bad Translator: Tongue is an Action, a Gesture, a Tone’, at Critical Reinventions, University of East Anglia, 2018
  • ‘The Iris Opens/The Iris Closes: Le Silence, third iteration’, at Looking Forward to Think Back, A Feminist Space in Leeds, University of Leeds, 2017
  • ‘Le Silence: Auto-fiction, Art Practice, and the Expanded Screenplay’ (performed paper) at the International Screenwriting Research Network Conference: Fact and Fiction, Truth and the Real, University of Otago, New Zealand (August 2017)
  • ‘If the self is the body pierced by language, what is silence? Le silence: second iteration’, (performed paper) at Alternatives, Selves, Ruptures and Limits, Leeds Beckett University, 2017
  • ‘The Iris Opens/The Iris Closes’ (performed paper), at Future Imperfect, Plymouth University, 2017
  • ‘Socialites and Space Invaders’, at Digital Re-enchantment: Place, Writing & Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University, 2016 (guest speaker)
  • ‘Art writing as moving image: exploring the film frame as page’, at the National Association of Fine Art Education ‘Research Practice Practice Research’ Symposium, The University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts, 2016
  • ‘Talking to Myselves: voice manipulation as methodology of affect’ (performed paper), at Moving Performances, St Aldgates College, University of Oxford, 2016
  • ‘Conceptualising the Haptic: the artist’s book in the expanded field’, at Livres d’artistes: the artist’s book in theory and practice, University of Cardiff, 2015
  • ‘The Truths Of Fictions: Post-Traumatic Landscapes, Civic Erasure And The Projects Of Artistic Resistance’, at Unofficial Histories, University of Huddersfield, 2014
  • ‘Fields Of Knowledge: Berger, The Outdoors, And The Possibilities Of Experiential Practice’, at Thinking With John Berger, Cardiff Metropolitan University, 2014
  • ‘What Is A Book If It Will Not Be A Book?’ (performed paper), at the Impact8 International Print Conference, University of Dundee, 2013
  • ‘Every Place A Palimpsest’, at the Occursus Post-Traumatic Landscapes Symposium, Sheffield, 2013.



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