A Newsletter for November and December

Video still from Preface - what is a book? Emma Bolland 2015
Video still from Preface – what is a book? Emma Bolland 2015

Over In and Under: a hysterical translation without a dictionary
Part One of my creative translation of of Freud’s 1899 essay Über Dekkerinnerungen, (published in English as On Screen Memories), has just been published on 3am Magazine, together with a companion audio-work. You can read and listen here:

Astronaut, Spelunker, Deep Sea Diver*
A short text commissioned by Unofficial Britain. Ruptured and redacted landscapes. You can read the text here:

Astronaut, Spelunker, Deep Sea Diver*

Lectolalia #2 (speak read)
My small exhibition Lectolalia #2 (speak read) is a part of Opening Up the Book, a programme of events and exhibitions run by Bank Street Arts and The School of English at The University of Sheffield, contextualised by the Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize. You are warmly invited to the opening night of this and the other exhibitions at Bank Street on Thursday 12th November. My work comprises of three short films, one newly commissioned for this exhibition, a reprise of my ‘Re-Writing Lispector’ instillation, and sundry other scrawls and objects that may demand to be included. Please note that whilst the exhibitions are wheelchair accessible the rest of the building including toilets and bar, is not at all disabled friendly. Should you not be able to attend on the 12th, the exhibition fruns from the 4th of December to the 5th of December. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1680122258940594/

Cobra Res
Cobra Res 1.9, the latest response by Cobra Res binds together specially commissioned flash fiction and experimental texts made in direct response to the ‘Calais crisis’ COBRA Committee meetings, and the overall crisis faced by refugees as they move towards and across Europe. Contributors include myself, Sharon Kivland, Paul O’Kane, Claire Potter, Jade Amoli-Jackson, Dragan Todorovic and many more. All the profits from the sale of this book will go to the charity CalAid who support refugees and migrants in Calais, France. You can buy the book here: http://cobrapress.bigcartel.com/product/cobra-1-9-book-of-flash-fiction

Reading at Conway Hall, London, Saturday 7th November
The Small Publishers’ Fair is an annual celebration of books by contemporary artists, poets, writers and book designers. It is held in London’s Conway Hall and takes place this year on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 November, 11am to 7pm. The fair features over 60 publishers from across the UK and around the world, and a programme of exhibitions, readings and talks. I will be reading from my text, Lectolalia (a romance) (2015), published by Gordian Projects. Details about the Fair can be found here:


Lectolalia ( a romance) can be bought here:

GeoHumanities: a journal of the Association of American Geographers. Volume 1, Issue 1
I have a short paper, Every Place a Palimpsest: Creative Practice, Emotional Archaeology, and the Post-Traumatic Landscape in the new GeoHumanities journal, edited by Tim Cresswell, Deborah P. Dixon, Peter K. Bol and J. Nicholas Entrikin. The journal is open access and free to read online:

and finally

Livres D’Artistes: The Artist’s Book in Theory and Practice. Cardiff University, Friday 4th to Sunday 6th December.
I am delighted to be presenting a paper, and screening my book as film works at this conference. The full programme can be found here: http://livresdartistes.weebly.com/programme.html

Best Wishes

Emma Bolland


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