An ERRANT, or Improper Form

An ERRANT, or Improper Form:
Emma Bolland and Rachel Smith, live ‘fansubbing’ performance. University of Sheffield, Jessop West Foyer Tuesday 17th April. 1.30 onwards.
‘Simply by dint of its non-professional status, I propose, fansubbing is defined as ‘improper’. At the same time, however, the errancy of fansubbing exceeds this definitional parameter, also manifesting in more explicit, intentional forms of disobedience and irregularity.’ Tess Dwyer, Speaking in Subtitles: Revaluing Screen Translation, (2017)
For their live film-projection/writing durational performance ‘An ERRANT, or Improper Form’, artist-writers Emma Bolland and Rachel Smith will produce parallel speculative narrative by writing directly into the timeline of a collage of approriated feature films. Mimicking modes of ‘fansubbing’ (the phenomenon whereby collaborative groups of amateur translators subtitle films using non-normative tactics such as experiemtal typography and on-screen annotation) they perform an on screen re-scripting…
This event is part of the events programme for Smith’s artist’s residency at Sheffield University Jessop West Foyer, running from 11th April until 29th May, for which she has invited a range of artists to devise and perform collaborative or single works. Full details and times can be found here:

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